San Diego Zoo


The San Diego Zoo is one of the biggest zoos in the US, so it is always a thrill to be there. I hadn’t gone since I was about 12, so this time I decided to take my camera and try to shoot some good photos.

The idea was to make animals look as if they were in the wild, which turned out to be harder than one would think. Visitors are limited to certain angles and there is a lot of protection. This keeps people safe, but it makes for harder situations when trying to take a good photo. Not to mention animals are very unpredictable.


I was using my 70-300 mm lens, which is not completely compatible with my camera. The lens works just fine, the only issue is it doesn’t have VR and you need to focus manually. Due to the distance between the camera and the animals, I needed fast shutter speeds. Good thing San Diego is sunny, though. I didn’t have an issue with that. I just needed to set up the shot perfectly, which took a little longer than usual considering all the factors.


Sadly, many of the more “exciting” animals were surrounded by protection. Either metal, ropes, glass or plastic fences. Animals like lions, jaguars and the like were pretty much impossible to shoot without having major distractions messing up the image.

I am pretty happy about what I got, though. Maybe next time I’ll go to the African Safari, where animals are running free! Enjoy the images and let me know what you think.


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