Q on Fifth


Q on Fifth is quite possibly the best party you could attend in San Diego. Qualcomm rents out 2-3 blocks of the Gaslamp District in San Diego, closing them down to hold a party after their annual Uplinq Developer conference. Of course the free food (served by the venues in the closed area) and drinks are awesome, but the best part is that it is always themed. This year the theme was ‘Vintage Steampunk Carnival’.


Needless to say I had a blast, but the evening couldn’t have been complete without spending some lovely time with my camera. It was simply a very unique and interesting place to be at. It literally felt like Qualcomm created a different world in the heart of downtown San Diego.


There was a bizarre and unknown feeling to this place, something I had only experienced once before… at a Gipsy circus in Mexico. If I can feel like I am in the middle of another culture, I say Qualcomm succeeded in throwing a unique and fun party for us. The whole experience really draws you into that remote feeling.


Gymnasts, animals and dancers were all part of the event. It was dark, but there was an interesting touch of light all around the area. It created an extraneous light effect that I ended up loving. Photographers often want lighting to be perfect and have the right color, but I will have to say it was fun working with illumination I wasn’t used to. Not to mention it helped me reflect the extraneous feeling of the environment.

I loved it and simply can’t wait to see what Qualcomm has for us next year. If you ever have the chance to attend Q On Fifth, drop everything and go. You will not regret it.

And now the moment you have all been waiting for – the monkey. 😀





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