MWC Wonders


I posted CES Wonders a couple of months ago, where I showed you some of the shots I took at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. Those photos were mostly personal, though. It didn’t exactly show what I really do at such conventions. I thought I would make up for it by showing you some of my work images today.

As some of you may know, I work for a series of tech websites, the biggest being I go to these events to cover all types of gadgets and devices. During these events I am pretty much a photographer/videographer/writer. We have to cover devices from beginning to end.


Of course, we will focus on the photographs here. I shot most of the MWC 2014 photos with my Nikon D3200 and a 50mm f1.8 lens. This helped me get the nice bokeh and low-light performance, as well as fast shutter speeds.

Covering these events is hard work. Online journalism is a fierce competition – we must always try to take all the content we can, with the best quality possible and as quickly as we can. I mean, we are rushing from hall to hall to try and bring hands-on coverage of all the latest tech.


Of course, timeliness comes with a price. I can’t sit there and try to take the perfect image every time (sometimes it’s not even possible). Not only are we trying to get the content as soon as possible, but there is a line of hungry hyenas (other journalists) pushing you, breathing on your neck and flashing their cameras right at the devices.

Point is: we have to be quick with photos, shoot the video, go upload everything and write up the articles. Of course, I also can’t take too long editing images. It’s usually quick color correction and we are ready to go. Despite the pressure and rush, though, I am very proud of the results I got at MWC 2014, so I wanted to come here and share some of the images.


Yes, they could have been better (they always can). Things would be different if I was in a studio with no distractions, perfect lighting and all the time in the world. But considering the environment, I am very happy with what I got here.

Of course, these images belong to, as I took them during my work time/trip (hence the watermark). By the way, you should definitely check out for all your Android news, reviews, tutorials and editorials. We work very hard to bring you awesome content, so check it out.

And of course, here are the ladies!




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