Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson at the World Beat Center


Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson is an accomplished school psychologist and public speaker. He is everything you can look for in a psychologist, and I can give you the long list of accomplishments, publications and the whole ordeal, but I am not here to do that. I am here to give you the raw Umar Johnson.


I believe there is a part of Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson that can go unperceived when you see his work. There is usually a serious look to his photographs and a very professional tone. He is not like that once you experience one of his presentations, though. He is alive and active, with very strong character and speech skills that will take your attention like a hook.


I say this because I was a victim, myself. I was at the World Beat Center only to take care of some business with my friend and wait for a later event. It was never my plan to photograph Dr. Umar Johnson. But of course, I had my camera and when you see the opportunity you simply don’t let it go. Other photo enthusiasts will understand.


Umar Johnson spoke of relationships, family and other important life topics. In a world where human emotions and intellect clash often, there is much to touch on. Important matters that felt like explosions every time Dr. Umar would scream at the top of his lungs. As if telling you to WAKE UP!


I wanted to capture this feeling, and it’s the feeling I speak of when I talk about the “raw” Dr. Umar Johnson. I believe I did a good job at this and hope you enjoy the images. If you ever have the chance to listen to this man’s lectures, though, it’s a must.





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