La Jolla: Seals and Sunset


I love photography, but you won’t often find me with a camera when I am trying to simply enjoy my spare time. Photographs may make a moment immortal, freezing it in an immortal file (or not-so-immortal film), but I believe photographers need to understand time’s very mortality, as well. I like to bathe in those sunsets; forget about everything and simply drench my mind with those majestic memories. Enjoy the moment.


It’s all a mood game, though. Some days we find beauty in the world only through a lens. It’s what I like to call inspiration, and last time I went to La Jolla to watch the seals I armed myself with my camera and a couple of lenses.


This spot is special. It must be, if dozens of seals choose to come to it every single day. Maybe they can perceive the same homey feeling we get – the experience nature has created for us in that beach.


After having some fun with the playful creatures, I started making my way back. The number of steps decreased as the sun was setting. That moment I took a break and turned around captured my breath. It was one of those scenes that really make you feel insignificant in the midst of stars and planets. It was a La Jolla sunset, the reason why people pay millions over millions to live in this area.


I decided to name this image “Sun Bathing”, for obvious reasons. I tried to capture the beauty of the moment right as the sun drenched in the very salt I could smell. It was gorgeous.


When you stand there, for those few minutes, you can almost understand how some people thought the earth was flat. But of course, you jump out of that fantasy world very quickly. That is the beauty of nature and shooting it… that disconnection from the reason.


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