CES 2015 wonders

So it has become customary for me to make a quick blog post about the events I go to for work, and CES simply can not be left out of the equation. This is the largest tech convention, so you can bet I had a lot of fun… but I had more work than fun.


Now that I am with Mobile Geeks my spectrum of products to cover has widened immensely. Working for the Android sites is much easier. You are done with the big Android products and by the third day you have much more free time to run around and find great scenes to shoot. This time around all my chosen shots are actual product shots.


Regardless, I had a lot of fun working and playing around with the newest gadgets the industry has to offer. I feel blessed for having the chance to attend CES every year, and I would love to share everything I can with you. For starters, you can check out all our coverage at CES 2015 at MobileGeeks.com. It was a mess, but we killed it. You can find all the CES content you want, in there.


Without further ado, let’s jump into more images. I love doing this, because I get a chance to improve my product photography. Do keep in mind I am usually in a rush when I am covering these events, so I don’t always get the chance to catch the perfect lighting and environments. With that in mind, I believe I did a pretty good job, but you tell me! What do you think of these?


Of course, my favorite images are always the ones in which the user and product look natural. There is nothing like capturing a high-tech piece of technology and making it personal by showing a person. In a sense, it’s like capturing a wild animal in its environment. They are in their pure, unadulterated nature.





I also got the chance to shoot some studio-quality images. Some manufacturers have grown to know the importance of image quality, so they bring soft boxes and lights for us to use. I was in photo heaven! Perfect lighting and the whitest backgrounds. There is no better way to capture details than with these set-ups.

CES-1 CES-2 CES-3 CES-4 CES-24 CES-17 CES-16 CES-25

And here are some other shots I really liked. By the way, that image below? It’s the new Sony Bravia X900C. That image was taken from the side… the TV is thinner than a phone at 0.2 inches. Impressive, right?




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