My favorite CES 2016 photos


CES was… well, it was a mess! But it was one of the best messes I have gone through in a long time. After 10 hours of riding (yes, a motorcycle) to Las Vegas, I arrived full of dust and devoured tacos like there was no tomorrow. And work started the very next day.

I guess what this CES showed me was that no matter how large your team is, it’s not enough to cover an event of this magnitude comfortably. We worked long hours and slept very little. I was determined to finally go party on Thursday. Of course, the universe didn’t agree with that decision. Lack of sleep had caught up to me and I fell under what seemed like a fever. 12 hours of sleep later, I was fine. Off I went to work.

So I got sick, rode forever, took a fall and worked like a slave… and every second was worth it. I was the dedicated photographer, which was a dream come true. To add to the excitement, I am now the new “Head of Imaging and Photography” at Android Authority. Yes, it sounds fancy; yes, I came up with it. And I don’t care if you think it’s tacky!

But enough about me. I have been posting my favorite images from every major event for years, and this CES is not the exception. Let’s just cut through the chase and get you the goodies!

These are my favorites. Tell me what you think!

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