MWC 2016 – I hit the floor


Today I blog from a tiny hostel room in the outskirts of Istanbul. “The City” has treated me well, and it happens to be one of my favorite locations to travel to. I am lucky enough to find myself here often, as flights through Turkish Airlines (which almost always have a layover in Istanbul) are among the cheapest to Spain.

But enough about the airplane delays that bring me some of the happiest moments in my life. The point is that this gorgeous place seems to be more magical after the massive tech and photo overload I went through last week, at MWC 2016. And yes, that is where I hit the floor.



I walked in with a new Nikon D610 (first full-frame camera I own), a body full of energy and an empty SD card. Now I find myself searching through 100’s of images to bring you my favorites. I barely slept and worked like a mad man, but at least I had little Spanish food this time around. Instead I was ravishing delicious Turkish dishes most of the time.

By the way, I have a peculiar distaste for Spanish food. I never seem to get full off them and their seasoning is on the lacking side. Plus, have you ever had those damn bocadillos (sandwiches… if you really want to call them that)? They only have one ingredient! Most times it’s either cheese, ham or tortilla (a fancy name for eggs with potatoes). And don’t you dare ask them to mix these ingredients, because they will feel as if you are insulting centuries of culinary history.


Either way, MWC is not about the food; it’s about the tech. MWC is the Mecca of mobile technology. This year’s event certainly didn’t fail to impress us. We were introduced to the new Samsung Galaxy S7 series, the LG G5 and plenty other gadgets that are worth dropping to the floor for. So that’s exactly what I did.


This takes me to the next point. Some people have told me I take the best photos in tech media. I don’t want that to get to my head, and I am sure there are amazing tech photographers out there, but there is a reason why these photos seem to stand out. And it’s not because I am some kind of genius or “professional”. It’s because I am willing to go the extra mile (or hundred) to get the right shot.

Special thanks to Nicole Scott for taking these shots! It was amazing seeing you!

This realization came to me when people started taking pictures of me when I… hit the floor to take a photo. Yes, they turned away from the brand-spanking new LG G5, which will sell hundreds of thousands of units in the coming year… to take a picture of me laying in the ground. They also took a picture of me climbing on top of a light box to get the right angle on a Galaxy S7 shot.

I am sure it was funny and can totally chuckle at the images with my colleagues. Most people who did it probably had no bad intentions either. But what gets me is that others simply made fun of me. Guess what: if you are not willing to jump in and get dirty, your images will never stand out. Don’t conform with the same angle everyone is getting by just standing in front of the subject and shooting directly at it. The internet is full of that.

But anyways. I had fun and am very happy with the results. Please do tell me what you think of these images! Also let me know what you would have done better.

Extra question: Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge or LG G5?!

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