Photo shoot with models – CaliCase phone pouch and CB3 Audio products


It’s every photographer’s dream, right? Sunny days in Southern California, surrounded by models and taking awesome shots only seen in magazines. It was my first time experiencing this type of shoot and I realized it wasn’t as luxurious as it seemed. I ended up completely soaked, full of sand and woke up with an amazingly sore body; but like taking a Motorcycle fall, it was fun and I would do it all over again.

The goal was to take some product shots of CB3 headphones and speakers, as well as CaliCase waterproof pouches for smartphones. And that we did. Needless to say I had to jump in the water with the models, then come out into the sand to lay on the floor. I ended up looking like Sandman, but the products shots were worth it and I happen to be pretty proud of them.


I had a bit of a hard time getting the shots I wanted at first, as I had never really worked with models in the past. I must accept humans usually kind of scare me when I see them through the lens. My models are always other tech geeks who know what we want in an image, so leading strangers in this quest was challenging. I then realized the best way to get things done was to relax and just let them be themselves. After all, what other way to get natural shots is there? They were discovering new products that are actually quite cool, and that made for some of the best photos in the shoot. It was just them enjoying the gadgets we believe in so much.


I kept it simple with this shoot, as I usually do. I took my Nikon D610 and an f/1.8 50 mm Nikkor lens, which performed amazingly. In addition, we used a white reflector to harness the power of the sun and light up some of the darker images. We encountered some difficulties at one point, when a grain of salt threatened to deem my ISO button useless. But with enough struggle and a model’s earring I managed to get it out and save the day.

But let’s stop rambling and let the images speak for themselves. After all, I am better at that than talking. LOL.

As always, I would love to know what you guys think of these images. Please tell me if you like them, or if there is anything I can do to improve them. Any tips on working with models? I sure think I need them!

Special thanks to the models. They were great and made my job fun, as well a productive.

Also, you can always check out amazon if you want to learn more about these products.

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