CES 2017 & 2018 in a nutshell


Another year, another CES. But wait – what happened with 2017’s photos? The 2 or 3 who keep up with this conglomeration of random words and photos may have noticed last year’s CES photos are missing, so I’ve decided to pile them up into a single post.

Work and life has kept me pretty busy, but I will try to upload more images this year. I already gave up on my New Year’s resolution of going to the gym, so you know I’ll have more time to keep this blog active!

Let’s get back to the madness that is CES, though. A long, tiring drive to Las Vegas was only the beginning of what was to become yet another Consumer Electronics Show full of aching feet, tired backs and the usual stress that comes with the largest tech convention in the world. I knew what I had to do and jumped right in.

I will keep this blog shorter and focus on the images. As the main photographer, my life is a little easier during these events. I am told to take some dope ass JPEGs, and do my best to accomplish that. Want to see the results? Here are my favorite CES images from both 2017 and 2018. Can you guess from which year each of these are?

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